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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Maria and I'm a co-founder of Rumore Beauty - the first Russian beauty store in the US.

If you don’t know much about Russian beauty, you’re not alone. Although I was born in Russia, I didn't know much about Russian beauty either as there hasn't been a word about it here in the US. I've tried beauty products from all over the world and it made me curious what modern Russian beauty scene had to offer, so I went on a discovery trip to Moscow. What I found left me intrigued, excited and puzzled - why didn't anyone in the US know about all of the great brands and products that were available there?

I've decided to change that and that's how the idea of Rumore Beauty was born. At Rumore, we're on a mission to introduce the best of Russian beauty to beauty lovers in the US. We've handpicked the assortment of skincare products made with potent natural ingredients that our ancestors used for generations in their beauty and health remedies, clean formulas and sustainable approach to beauty.

Read more about how it all started on our blog.

About Us


Lots of things, but first of all - a strong bond between beauty and nature. Medicinal herbs, vitamin-rich fruits and veggies, plants and trees, pure crystal-clear water from mountain springs – they all have been used in beauty recipes by Russian women for generations and now you can experience their benefits through our curated assortment of beauty products. In fact, Russian beauty products are a blend of the most pure and potent natural ingredients that are rooted in tradition and modern science and research. All without breaking the bank!

Our hope is that Rumore will become your trusted guide into all things Russian Beauty through a journey across potent natural ingredients, high-quality formulations, stories about Russian culture and traditions, and other elements that contribute to Russian Beauty as it is today.

Enjoy your Russian beauty journey!


Team Rumore