Привет! My name is Maria and I’m the co-founder of Rumore Beauty – the first Russian beauty store in the US. I was born and raised in Russia, in the Siberian city of Barnaul, but for the past 15 years, I have called NYC home. For 10 of these years, I have worked in the beauty industry, helping top national and global beauty brands grow and become household names. 

During my career, I was lucky enough to be able to try many different beauty products from all around the world. But quickly realized, I never saw anything from my home country available here in the US. This made me curious about what the new Russian beauty scene might have to offer so at the end of 2019 I set off on a trip to Moscow to explore it for myself. 

To my surprise, I discovered many Russian-made products that incorporated the familiar potent botanical ingredients used by Russian women for generations in a modern way, creating clean formulas and beautiful textures. I fell in love with Russian beauty all over again and just knew I had to share them with my friends in the US.

That’s how the idea of Rumore Beauty was born. Rumore, which stands for “more Russian beauty,” is here to introduce the best of Russian beauty to beauty lovers in the US and unveil beauty secrets of Russian women who are known for their good looks and beautiful skin around the world. My hope is that Rumore will become your trusted guide into Russian beauty and modern Russian culture. 

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About Us


You may not have heard about Russian beauty and that's because the modern Russian beauty industry is a new phenomenon that really started to emerge 15-20 years ago. For generations, Russian women relied on natural botanical ingredients they collected themselves, to use for their health and beauty remedies. Medicinal herbs, vitamin-rich fruits, veggies and berries, plants and trees, pure crystal-clear water from mountain springs – utilizing all these natural ingredients in their skincare. 

Today, natural, authentic ingredients are available in clean, cruelty-free formulas that merge the Russian beauty tradition with the latest research, technologies and sustainable practices. 

Rumore Beauty showcases a unique, hand-selected collection of the very best of Russian skincare. Products designed for all skin types (even the most sensitive skin) that help to address the most common skin concerns, from brightening to hydration to anti-aging. The Russian beauty experience, really is like no other.

We hope you enjoy your Russian beauty journey!

Maria & team Rumore