Your Guide to Ecocert and COSMOS Certification in Beauty

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Understanding what you're putting on your skin is just as important as finding skincare that is a joy to use. This is why it's important to know what it means when beauty products are labeled as organic, cruelty-free or COSMOS-certified. 

When you're shopping for beauty products, looking for a COSMOS certification from Ecocert is a quick and easy way to discern if your purchase is good for your body and the environment. 

What is Ecocert? 

Ecocert is a third-party certification group that uses stringent standards to ensure that the products with their seal adhere to clean, responsible and sustainable practices. They have been certifying agriculture, textiles and cosmetics for decades. They are committed to social and environmental stewardship as well as top-tier quality and safety.

To receive an Ecocert seal of approval, the organization must verify everything about the product, from formulation to processing to packaging and distribution. 

COSMOS is Ecocert's cosmetic-specific certification. It stands for "COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard." It's an independent nonprofit association, which means that it is not under the direct control of any particular company or country's agenda. It is also widely recognized as one of the world’s best organic and natural cosmetic manufacturing seals. 

What does a COSMOS certification mean? 

When you see a COSMOS certification, that means Ecocert’s high cosmetic manufacturing regulations have verified the product. This is an internationally recognized standard, so you can trust products from around the world with this seal. 

Purchasing COSMOS-certified beauty products guarantees that: 

  1. Your product was made with sustainable, environmentally-friendly processes that respect the planet and human health. 

  1. The company uses natural resources respectfully and responsibly and practices "green chemistry." ("Green chemistry" uses scientific knowledge to reduce environmental impact.)

  1. There are no petrochemicals, parabens, perfumes, synthetic dyes, synthetic colorants, or GMOs.

  1. The packaging is recyclable.

There is also a specific organic certification (COSMOS Organic) that means that at least 95 percent of the plant ingredients are organic, and 10-20 percent of the overall product formula is organic. 

Why should I add COSMOS-certified products to my routine? 

Reputable certifications like this are great for ensuring that the products you're using on your body are clean and safe. Ecocert only certifies products that are 99 percent natural, and they always make sure that consumers have transparent, easy-to-understand information about the products they certify. 

A COSMOS certification lets you know right away that your choice is all-natural and rigorously tested for safety and sustainability. There are lots of "natural" beauty brands out there, but not all of them follow the best or safest practices possible. 

Getting a COSMOS certification helps set certain brands apart from the competition because it shows that they are committed to the highest manufacturing standards. 

It's difficult for brands to achieve COSMOS certification, so if you see a COSMOS label on a beauty product, you can trust that it is made with your health and safety in mind! Adding COSMOS-certified products to your routine is a great step to take toward cleaning up your beauty routine.

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