Why You Haven't Heard About Russian Beauty…Until Now

| Rumore

If you're determined to find Russian beauty products in the United States, be prepared to go the extra mile and spend a good chunk of time along the way. Truth be told, it's not an easy journey. While popular cosmetics stores and sites seem to carry every single beauty item under the sun—from Australia to Iceland and everything in between—Russian beauty is missing. Even online marketplace giants don't have a good grasp on this category. Luckily, you're in the right place here at Rumore Beauty, as this is the first and only destination for learning about Russian beauty and shopping its innovative product offerings.


Russian beauty doesn't have the legacy of large global beauty corporations because they only started to emerge between 10 to 20 years ago. Before that, during the Soviet Union times, there were only a handful of beauty companies, making a very limited assortment that lacked the appeal of the beauty products we know and expect today. Think tin tubes for creams, soap for cleansers, and makeup products that didn't have the allure of a beauty product that their European competitors had.


Regardless of the lack of manufactured beauty products, Russian beauty existed in a different form: traditions and beauty recipes passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. Women learned the healing properties of herbs and other botanicals; and how to gather them and turn them into potent homemade concoctions for head-to-toe beauty and healing needs. They learned that a nearby field or forest wasn't just a food source but also a natural pharmacy and beauty store. They relied on herbs, such as burdock, nettle, and yarrow, trees, flowers, berries, and mushrooms, to ensure their skin had a healthy glow and their hair was thick and long.


These days, Russian beauty brands look different from their Soviet predecessors. Many of them capture these precious beauty secrets using the same ingredients in their modern formulations as our great-grandmothers used generations ago. They source ingredients from Russian nature—still pure and untouched by the industrialized world for the most part—creating formulas that are potent yet natural and gentle, delivering nutrients from botanicals straight to the skin.


There is an abundance of Russian-born and raised brands, but making it across the ocean isn't an easy feat. Some brands are still growing and are on the path to conquering Russian consumers' hearts and minds; others see challenges with language and cultural differences. At Rumore, we believe that Russian beauty brands are genuinely superb—their gentle yet effective formulations, natural and organic ingredients from mother-nature speak for themselves—and that they should garner the attention they deserve. We're excited to introduce you to the products that we've handpicked especially for you.

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