Russian Monarch-Approved Beauty Treatments You Can Try Tonight

| Rumore

So you want to try something new when it comes to your skincare routine. Why not look to the Russian royals? What may come as a shock is that their beauty treatments weren't far out of reach. They used natural ingredients, most of which you can probably find in your fridge—or freezer.

Rumore's rounded up some Russian monarch-approved skincare treatments you can try at home—your skin will appreciate the royal treatment.


The Late Elizaveta Petrovna’s Face Mask

A well-blended mixture of chopped cabbage leaves, cucumbers, honey and apple juice was Elizaveta Petrovna’s go-to face mask for minimizing signs of fatigue and quenching dehydrated skin. Leave on your skin for ten minutes before going to bed, then wash it off in the morning.


The Cucumber Toner Trick

Cucumber juice has become a staple of the royal beauty regimen for helping reduce pigmentation and prevent future visible signs of aging. Use it as a toner in the morning and at night by putting a little bit on a cotton round, and swiping it across your skin.


The Cold Cleanse

Russian monarchs loved ice-cold water's skin-firming benefits long before cryotherapy existed. Use cold water instead of warm when washing your face morning and night, or freeze ice cubes to incorporate into your cleansing routine. Royal tip: Boil parsley and use this nutrient-rich water for making ice cubes. Glide the ice cubes over your face and décolleté for a refreshed look and firmer-looking skin.


The Fruity Facial

Strawberries aren't just a sweet snack, but also a potent skincare ingredient! Mash a few strawberries and apply to the face for a few minutes as a mask. Wash off with milk or cream. Other fruits to enjoy? Apple purée makes for a great face mask, too, used by the royals.


The Late Catherine the Great’s Face Mask

If you love masking and don’t mind going an extra mile to find off-the-beaten path ingredients for your next concoction, try Catherine The Great’s favorite: Mix rye flour, honey, verbena and goat milk and apply to the face for a few minutes. Don’t forget to rinse off with milk when it’s time to take it off.


...And Her Underye Circle-Banisher

Catherine the Great's recipe for fighting undereye circles was a patch infused with chamomile or strong tea. She used to enjoy herbal teas with honey, especially after her weekly banya rituals, so all three of these tricks likely contributed to her beauty regimen.


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