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Hi Beauty Friends!


My name is Maria, and I am the co-founder and CEO of Rumore Beauty. I was born and raised in Siberia, Russia, and I arrived in the United States to pursue my dreams in 2007. I was a fresh-off-the-boat teenage immigrant with a thick accent, pigtails, and $200 in my handmade purse. Now, I’m a beauty PR executive in New York City, with a passion for spotlighting products, trends, and ingredients worthy of the world’s attention.


I haven't talked much about my Russian background throughout the years—my instinct was to blend in and assimilate. I widened my perspective by traveling the world, and one day, I realized I hadn't been to my motherland in a long time; too long. I made the bold decision to sign up for a marathon in Moscow. I boarded a redeye, excited to complete my life goal of running a marathon abroad and to visit my home country.


While running the streets of Moscow, inhaling fresh, chilly September air, I couldn't stop thinking about my Russian roots. One thing that always fascinated me about the country is its beauty: the beauty of Siberia, the beauty of Moscow, and the beauty of Russian women, the vast majority of whom have glowing, healthy-looking skin. I resisted the urge to approach strangers in the streets to inquire about their skincare secrets, and I finished my marathon instead.


In the days following, I started scouring local beauty stores for answers. I saw products that I was already familiar with, but I also came across products that I hadn't seen in the beauty industry: brands born and made in Russia. I started frantically—if not manically—picking up and squeezing tester bottles, playing with everything stores had available. I noticed that they looked and felt wonderful, contained natural, organic ingredients, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.


"But why haven't I heard of them?" I wondered. "Why do I know so much about beauty from Asia, Australia, Europe, and all other parts of the world, but not Russia?"


When I got home, I started paying closer attention to industry talk, but I heard not a peep about Russian beauty. I tried restocking on products that I fell in love with in Moscow, but they were nowhere to be found in the states. I felt bummed because, selfishly, I couldn't get my hands on my favorites without making another trip to Russia. But beyond that, I felt hurt because I knew that Russian beauty products deserved attention and recognition for their quality, natural ingredients, and deep-rooted traditions.


That's when I thought, "I need to change that." I set my mind on introducing the best of Russian beauty to American consumers. I got my husband Max on board and, shortly after, Rumore Beauty was born.


At Rumore (the name stands for "more Russian Beauty"), we're on a mission to bring the best of Russian beauty brands, formulations, and ingredients from across the ocean straight to you, to discover products that you and your skin will love as much as we do.


We hope that you have a great experience exploring and indulging in the products we handpicked for you from Russia, with love. Whether you're a curious skincare lover always looking for the next best thing or an immigrant from Russia like me, we believe Russian beauty will find a place on everyone's beauty vanity very soon.



Maria & Max

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