Everything You Need to Know About Winter Skincare

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When it comes to winter, Russians know a thing or two about how to keep their skin healthy and glowing in the face of harsh winds and dry, snowy weather. 

As the temperatures continue to drop, it's important to ensure that your beauty routine can keep your winter skin happy, healthy and hydrated. 

Here are a few tips on how to handle winter skincare. 


Focus on hydration.

Dry, cold air outside and hot, dry air inside can both wreak havoc on your skin's natural moisture barrier. Because the air tends to be very low humidity indoors and out during winter, it's essential to add more hydrating ingredients to your beauty arsenal. 

Some of the best winter workhorses are hyaluronic acid, squalane and trehalose. Products containing any (or all) of these ingredients help pull moisture into your skin and lock it in place. For example, the Botavikos Blooming Fresh Hydrating Serum is lightweight but packed with hyaluronic acid. Layering it with a refreshing face mist under makeup or at night can keep your skin feeling plump and moisturized. 

If your skin is naturally dry, winter means you need to pull out the big guns to stay hydrated. Products like the mi&ko Aqua Balance Overnight Mask are perfect for daytime and evening use. The formula is nourishing enough to provide extra hydration at night, but it can work as a morning layer as well. A cocktail of squalane, trehalose and other moisture-loving ingredients keeps the cold, harsh weather from damaging dry, dehydrated skin.


Cleanse with nourishing oils instead of soap.

It might sound crazy to use a non-foaming cleanser to get your face clean, but winter is the ideal time to try out nourishing cleansing oils.

Even gentle cleansers can sometimes leave winter skin feeling tight or stripped of moisture. Cleansing oils help break up makeup, sunscreen and sebum effortlessly. Then they can be easily emulsified with water and rinsed away. These ultra-gentle options usually leave a comfortable, moisturized feeling behind. 

A great place to start is the mi&ko Ginger Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil. It's formulated with antioxidant-rich olive oil plus ginger, myrtle and echinacea oils for extra soothing, protective power. Oilier skin types may want to follow up an oil cleanse with gentle micellar water, but dry skin types will not likely need a second step! 


Add more layers to your routine.

During the winter months, layering is your best friend. The more hydration you can comfortably add, the healthier your skin will feel! 

Finding the right creams and serums for your skin type is the best way to layer. For example, dry skin types would benefit most from the Botavikos Moisturizing Cream that targets dry and dehydrated skin. In contrast, more balanced or oily types would benefit from products that target troubled or combination skin.

Remember to always layer from thinnest consistency to thickest so that everything can be absorbed well. When choosing layers, be sure to add as many moisture-loving ingredients as possible. If you need inspiration beyond hyaluronic acid, try the True Alchemy Ectoin emulsion. Ectoin is a unique amino acid that attracts and binds water molecules, so it's ideal for locking in hydration and boosting radiance. 

Spend This Winter With a Healthy, Hydrated Glow

Winter doesn't have to mean dull, flaky or dry skin. As long as you remember to layer up, focus on hydrating ingredients and find the right products for your skin type, you'll be as radiant and glowy as ever!

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