Brand Spotlight: Laboratorium

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Russian beauty is brand new to the US market and all of the brands on are available to American beauty lovers for the first time. While many of you want to dive right in, you may not know where to start and what brands to explore.

You asked, we delivered! Today, we’re introducing our new blog series, shedding some light on our brands and products. And of our first brand spotlight will be on Laboratorium.

The idea to create Laboratorium – a natural skincare brand from St. Petersburg – came in 2013 with the goal to merge two opposites: science and nature.

The tech side is represented by high quality standards supported by extensive third-party testing and certifications. The eco-friendly side is driven by recyclable packaging, efficiencies during manufacturing and vegan formulas (beeswax and honey are a no-no).

Laboratorium creates efficacious skin, hair and body care products, always researching ways to make natural products and minimize the impact on the environment. With this in mind, the brand has been built on six main values:

Quality: The brand is aiming to create products of the highest quality while making sure that their prices are friendly to most of the consumers. They are constantly evaluating the ingredients and working with small local farms and large companies alike in sourcing raw materials for the products.

Respect: Respect – whether it’s respect within the team, respect for customers or respect for nature and the environment – is of paramount importance. Laboratorium believe that achieving harmony is not possible without respect.

Eco-Friendliness: The brand is fully committed to waste sorting and management at their manufacturing facilities. Also, consumers in Russia have an opportunity to bring their empties to special locations for recycling. All formulas have been developed according with strict European standards and ECOCERT guidelines.

Ethics: Laboratorium products are 100% vegan! The brand is not testing on animals, and there are no ingredients of animal origin that are used in their products, including beeswax and honey.

Design: The brand puts a lot of time and effort into designing minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing packaging. It’s important to offer products that not only make clients look great but also can be a great addition to a vanity shelf, so that people look forward to using them.

Collaboration: The brand has been producing natural beauty products for 8+ years and it continues to grow and expand the team. Laboratorium pays special attention to shared values, harmony and camaraderie within the team, and they believe that each team member brings out the best in others, positively contributing to the team’s energy and desire to create better products to the clients.

The brand is currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia and has a team of more than 70 people working hard to deliver the best natural and eco-conscious beauty products. Here are a few of them:

Laboratorium Cleansing Mask for All Skin Types

  • A self care treat for everyone.This organic mask gently cleanses and refreshes your skin while improving its overall tone. Mix the powdered formula with warm water to create a creamy texture before applying it to your skin - opt for warm milk, cream, or sour cream and add a few drops of vegetable oil for extra nourishment. The formula contains spirulina to aid in skin regeneration and iodine-rich laminaria to smooth skin. Oats nourish, rice flour calms, and cornflower soothes tired skin and reduces puffiness and redness. It’s the perfect treatment for every skin type. As seen in ALLURE and NewBeauty

Laboratorium Pine Forest Cream

  • A hydrating nature escape. This ultra-hydrating deeply moisturizing cream features a blend of botanicals, essential oils, and moisturizers that we love to slather from head to toe whenever we're feeling stressed or in need of extra hydration. More than just skincare, this face and body cream is an indulging aromatherapy experience taking you on a journey through a Russian pine forest with it’s refreshing pine trees scent and skin nourishing benefits.

Laboratorium Cleansing Foam for Normal Skin

  • A lightweight, hydrating cleanser. This cleansing foam is formulated with sulfate-free surfactants extracted from apples and coconuts, with organic emollients. The foam’s formula combines hydrating and antioxidant benefits that help gently cleanse skin without over-drying. It contains horsetail extract to help stimulate collagen production and celandine extract to smooth the appearance of hyperpigmentation and occasional breakouts.


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