6 Russian Beauty Products Your Skincare Shelf Needs Right Now

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We all know about Asian beauty products thanks to the last few years of hype surrounding them. Did you know that Russian beauty products are just as fantastic? We won't judge if you say no; Russian beauty has only recently made its way to the United States!

Many of Russia's most-loved beauty and skincare brands focus on offering cruelty-free, nature-inspired formulas that will brighten both your skin and your spirits. Russian beauty is all about harnessing the power of botanical ingredients and expert formulations to create products that are safe, effective, and fun to use.

If you're new to Russian skincare, here are six of our ride-or-die beauty picks that you should add to your next skincare haul!

Botavikos Anti-stress Serum

We all have tired, stressed-out skin right now, so this Botavikos Anti-stress serum is a must-have on our beauty shelf. It's perfect for brightening, hydrating, and perking up your complexion, so you can use it day or night (or even on your lunch break; we won't tell).

The formula contains mint and tangerine essential oils to wake up your skin and senses. At the same time, the seabuckthorn, amino acids, and gluconolactone will soothe, strengthen and moisturize away any signs of fatigue.

This serum is vegan and cruelty-free, too, so you can feel great about making it a skincare staple!

G. Love Pumpkin and Calendula Mask

Face masks are the perfect way to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. We love that the G.Love Pumpkin and Calendula mask is packed with antioxidant-rich pumpkin enzymes and calming calendula oil. This powerhouse ingredient couple provides gentle, brightening exfoliation along with lasting hydration so that you can have smoother, brighter skin in just 15 minutes.

 Innature Natural Eye Cream

Once you reach adulthood, a separate eye cream is always a good idea. The skin around your eyes is more delicate and prone to showing fine lines and wrinkles, so it's important to layer on as much nourishment as possible.

Because your eye skin also tends to be more sensitive, it can be helpful to choose a product like the Innature Natural Eye Cream that uses gentle, skin-loving ingredients. We're obsessed with this eye cream formula! It has rich almond oil, hyaluronic acid, squalane, and vitamin E to provide deep, lasting moisture and vitamin C to strengthen and brighten. With long-term use, it can even help fade fine lines around your eyes.

Laboratorium Pine Forest Cream

Sometimes, you just need to escape to the peace of the forest for a moment of calm. When we don't have any forests close by, we grab this Laboratorium pine cream  instead.

It's a deeply nourishing blend of botanicals, essential oils, and moisturizers that we love to slather from head to toe whenever we're feeling stressed or in need of extra hydration.

This cream is more than just skincare! It's a total aromatherapy experience that's perfect for a moment of "me time." Trust us; you need it.

Mi&Ko Express Care Mask 

Life can get hectic without warning, and usually, self-care is the first thing that goes when we get busy. We always keep this Mi&Ko Express Care Mask on hand for crazy times because it's so quick that we can mask while we brush our teeth or change out of our clothes.

It doesn't get any easier than a 5-minute face mask that gives you firmer, clearer, and brighter skin with just one step, so don't sleep on this one! You can even keep it on your nightstand and wipe it off with a reusable cotton pad and some Laboratorium micellar water or your favorite hydrosol. Who says good skincare can't be a little lazy?

True Alchemy Cleanser Fluid Proteins

A cleanser that leaves your skin looking fresher, plumper, AND younger? That's a huge yes from us! The True Alchemy Protein Cleanser Fluid  combines gentle cleansing agents with anti-aging soybean proteins, moisturizing wheat proteins, and microbiome-friendly inulin to help your skin feel refreshed, healthy and youthful.

The gel formula foams lightly, and the minty, woodsy scent is perfect for a moment of morning or evening zen, and the sleek pump bottle makes it a chic addition to your bathroom counter.

If you're new to the world of Russian beauty, trust these top picks from our team to help you make your first haul!




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