5 Natural Masks For Velvet Skin

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When it comes to a beauty routine, there are a few staples: a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a mask. 

While masking may be considered an “extra” and you can still have a good beauty regimen without a face mask, if you want to have a great routine, you should add at least one to your rotation! 

There are wonderful masks for all skin types and concerns, so whether you have oily, acne-prone skin or dry, sensitive skin, there's a mask out there for you! 

This post will round up a few crowd favorites, and we’ll let you know who can benefit the most from each one. 


G.Love Face Mask Mix Box

Who should try this: Anyone with any skin type! 

There's sure to be a new favorite mask for everyone in this variety pack. I especially like this product for anyone new to the brand or unsure of what their skin needs. There are eight different masks in the box, and each features a nourishing, nature-inspired ingredient list that can help hydrate, soothe, smooth, and brighten any complexion. 

G.Love is also eco-friendly and cruelty-free! We like that cosmetic chemists founded the brand because we know we can trust the formulas. 


Innature Natural Face Mask 

Who should try this: Anyone with normal to somewhat oily skin would love this mask. 

The Innature Natural Face Mask for Normal and Combination Skin features jasmine, rose, and a natural antioxidant complex to help make your skin feel smoother and more elastic. It also contains lactic and glycolic acid to hydrate, brighten and strengthen your skin. When you add that to the lovely botanical fragrance, this mask is a fantastic treat to add to your routine. 

We like using these types of masks either at night or in the morning before a shower so that they're easy to wash off. 

If you have dehydrated skin, the Innature Dry and Sensitive Skin mask will work best for you because it contains shea butter, squalene, aloe, and glycerin. 

Anyone with very oily or clogged skin would benefit from the Innature Oily and Troubled Skin mask! It contains natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients and botanical compounds like cranberry, green tea, and blueberry to soothe redness and breakouts. 


Laboratorium Cleansing Face Mask For All Skin Types

Who should try this: Anyone with dry, normal, or oily skin. 

Laboratorium makes three different all-natural and vegan cleansing masks, but this one is the favorite! The powder masks come in fun test tube packaging (who doesn't love a little skintertainment?), but the results are real! 

We love the addition of spirulina and cornflower to this mask because both deliver serious soothing and nourishing benefits. Plus, you can choose to mix the powder with water, cream, or even organic honey for a supercharged skin treat. It's quick and easy, so it could be a morning pick-me-up or an evening indulgence!


mi&ko Aqua Balance Overnight Mask

Who should try this: Anyone with normal or combo skin. 

This mask acts as a sleeping pack or final nighttime step to help seal in the rest of your products. It starts as a thick cream and transforms into a lightweight barrier layer of healing and soothing moisture as you sleep. 

It contains ferments for brightening, amino acids like ectoine for hydration, and antioxidants for protection. It's also certified organic, so you can feel great about making it a nightly ritual! 


mi&ko Express Care Mask

Who should try this: Anyone with stressed, dull, or aging skin. 

The Express Care mask is one of the best morning masks you could try. It only takes a few  minutes to achieve brighter, tighter, and more hydrated skin. The formula’s fermented ingredients aid in brightening, and rosmarinic acid tones and firms. The vegetable protein base provides a near-skin barrier that protects and nourishes even after washing the mask off. 

We think that this mask would also be great for a pick-me-up before a big event, too!

How Do You Mask? 

If you're new to masking, we hope these five favorites have inspired you to give it a try! If you're like us and already obsessed with masks of all kinds, tell us more about your favorites. We’re always looking for new ways to treat our skin! 

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