From Nature to Your Skin and Hair

Modern skin care and hair care formulas have been inspired by handcrafted recipes infused with authentic natural ingredients and traditional beauty wisdom. 

Discover the secrets of velvet-soft, radiant and hydrated complexion and silky, smooth, beautiful hair Russian women are known for around the world.

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Best Seller
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Why Rumore?

  • Authentic R-Beauty

    Skin care and hair care based on homemade remedies and traditional beauty wisdom

  • Natural Botanical Ingredients

    Potent plants are at the core of Russian beauty DNA

  • Kind to Your Skin and Hair

    Clean formulas gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and fragile hair

Welcome to Rumore

We’re on a mission to introduce you to the best of R-beauty – a masterful blend of modern skin care and hair care innovation and traditional beauty recipes. 

Our curated assortment includes high quality cruelty-free formulations for skin and hair based on rigorous European clean beauty standards.